The first post

Hello folks!

Welcome to the brave new world of Jackie Taylor's blog. The Eeyore inside me expects it to be pretty much my personal reflections read only by me. A small but optimistic voice in my head points out that every blog has to start somewhere.

Anyway, I aim to practise writing skills this way, and at the same time tell about what I see during the week – places, countryside, wildlife, changing seasons. Maybe show some art. Definitely not talk about politics. But maybe the environment. And I intend for this to be image led.

So, here goes...


Here's a beautiful (albeit sown and artificial) patch of wildflowers I run past almost every other day, growing at the back of my village. Cornflowers, Ox-eye Daisies and there's Scarlet Clover in there too. Not sure about Scarlet Clover, it doesn't look like a native plant to me. But apparently it puts lots of nitrogen back into the soil if you cut it at the right time, and the bees like it too ...


And to finish up this post, here's a lovely gateway just the other side of the daisy field. How lucky am I, to be able to trot 2 minutes down a path from my house, and see this. And how sad that they are thinking of whacking a dual-carriageway clean across all of this. But I said no politics ... see you in a week or so :)